Argentina-Brazil – Tite criticizes Albiceleste’s style of play

The Brazilian coach did not appreciate the rough play of the Argentinians.

Last night, the final of the Copa America was not a summit of the beautiful game. On the contrary, the game was choppy with many mistakes and anti-game.

Beaten by Argentina 1-0, the Brazilian coach, Tite, did not appreciate the behavior of the Argentine players on the field: “they kept diving to claim fouls and took forever to resume the game. The referee didn’t hold the game. Their strategy was to chop up the game.”

Tite was also very angry with CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American soccer: “The organization of the tournament left much to be desired. The fields were poor and the players were exposed to excessive risk. This should not happen in a major competition like this.”

The Copa America was originally scheduled to be held in Argentina and Colombia, but both countries declined to host the competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brazil then offered to organize the competition, which explains some of the problems.

If the coronavirus stops raging, everything should be back in order for the next edition in 2024. Ecuador, which has been designated as the host country, has indicated that it has already undertaken the renovation of several stadiums.


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