Barcelona: Laporta: If Barcelona maintain this form, we will win LaLiga Santander

Joan Laporta has stated that he fully believes in it Barcelona can secure this season’s LaLiga Santander title, if they maintain their current form.

The Barcelona President discussed the current form of his party and a range of other topics in a radio interview Monday night and reflected on the title race, with his side currently 12 points behind but one game in hand.

“I’m not ready to just win the Europa League and finish second in LaLiga Santander,” he said in that interview with RAC1.

“I want to win LaLiga Santander. I really believe in it, we have the team to win it and we played well the last bit.

“The team is working well and they believe even more than I do that we can win LaLiga Santander.

“If we continue like this, we will become champions.”

laporta also stated that there are no plans for a return to Camp Nou for Lionel Messi

“I have not received any messages from Lion [Messi] or from his closest environment to return to Barcelona,” he said.

“We don’t think about it. We are building a new team, with new people, together with experts in the field. There is symbiosis.

“But Leo is Leo. The best player in the world, the winner of the Ballon d’Or.

“It’s not a step back. We’re not considering it, but he deserves respect.”

The Barcelona president commented on Ousmane Dembele‘s contract situation, stating that it is no closer to a solution.

“I love [Dembele] a lot,” he said.

“He is a fantastic player. However, his situation is similar to that of Sergi Roberto

“While we like him and how he plays, there are wage limits.

“Nobody knows with his agent. He is a box full of surprises.”

laporta also stated that the European Super League project is far from over.

“The relationship with Florentine [Perez] is cordial and civil,” he said.

“We are in contact about the Super League and the project is continuing.

“I believe there will be a constructive dialogue with UEFA.”

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