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Bajrang dal, Bajrang dal activist murder, Karnataka news, Karnataka's Shivamogga news, Karnataka police, Crime news, Indian Express Police have yet to confirm the reason behind the murder.

Police are investigating a series of crimes involving a Bajrang Dal worker, Harsha Hindu, 27, in the Shivamogga region, for a possible motive for the man’s murder on Sunday.

Crime data for the town of Shivamogga reveals that Harsha Hindu was involved in at least five assaults and attempted murders, including several municipal attacks on rival anti-social elements of the Muslim community.

The murder of Harsha Hindu has already been provided with communal notes by a senior BJP minister of Shivamogga, KS Eshwarappa.

“A good employee of our party has been murdered in Shivamogga. It is done by Muslim goondas. The Muslim goondas have never been so encouraged in Shivamogga and action should be taken against such individuals,” Eshwarappa said.

The Shivamogga region is represented in the Karnataka legislature by Eshwarappa, current Home Secretary Araga Jnanendra and former Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa. The town of Shivamogga is prone to communal violence due to the presence of communal gangs affiliated with pro-Hindu and pro-Islamic political outfits.

In one of the most recent cases brought against Harsha, he was accused by the police of being part of a gang that attacked Muslim traders in the city of Shivamogga on December 3, 2020 after a communal skirmish.

According to police records, there have been cases of assault against Harsha at Doddapet Police Station since 2017.

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