Best NFT Trading Card Games So Far in 2022 | More TCG projects coming soon

Best NFT Trading Card Games So Far in 2022 |  More TCG projects coming soon

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NFT games are currently not only dominating the entire blockchain space due to their growing number of followers. They also expand variations and genres to attract a lot of investors.

While adventure and RPG games excite players the most, the trading card games on the platform are now evolving. We must bear in mind that more gamers are now investing their time and money to learn more about TCMs.

If you want to get a head start on NFT trading card games in 2022, here are the top picks you might want to check right away.

If you’re the type of gamer who often plays sports games like “NBA 2K” and “FIFA” on a computer or console, you might want to see an NFT version of the latter.

According to Pastel, you can watch this fantasy football NFT game “Sorare” on the Ethereum blockchain. Here you can participate in tournaments and fight against the best strategists in the world. Your goal in this TCG is to build a strong deck and organize your cards against your opponent.

The team with the best performance gets nice rewards and points.

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If you want to jump to another blockchain, you might see what “Splinterlands” has to offer. This trading card game is playable in Hive.

The game allows any user to try the free demo. However, if you plan to get started with this game, you will have to pay $10 for a starter pack. From there, you can start looking for your favorite card packs. You can also buy, sell and trade cards with other players on the NFT marketplace.

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Like other NFT games, “Splinterlands” is cross-compatible across different blockchains, meaning you can transact with other players from different marketplaces.

The game uses DEC or Dark Energy Crystals as its official in-game token. You have to win ranked games and destroy your useless and duplicate cards to get this currency.

You can also go to the game’s store via DEC to purchase assets.

The list of the best NFT trading card games won’t be complete without the top contender in the blockchain space, “God’s Unchained.”

According to the report, this game runs on Immutable X and Ethereum blockchain. For strategy game lovers, this NFT game will test your thinking skills and intelligence in building the best competitive card game in the world.

As you progress in ranked games, you can earn ‘flux’. You will need this resource if you plan to increase the value of your cards later.

Interestingly, this NFT trading card game is the “Forge” mechanism, which allows players to merge two same core cards. To get a more powerful card, you have to spend your money on this process.

If you are lucky enough to make a high quality card, you can sell it on the market for a profit.

Other NFT trading card games to watch out for soon:

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