Casemiro’s little phrase about Messi

The player of Real Madrid has made a small sentence about the Barça star.

The small tackles in press conference and by interposed media begin to fuse before the final of the Copa America between Argentina and Brazil on Saturday evening, in the Maracana.

Although this Argentine team has been built around Lionel Messi, Casemiro is adamant that there are more players who should worry Brazil besides the Albiceleste captain ahead of the Copa America final this weekend.

The Real Madrid midfielder stressed that Argentina reached the final thanks to the team’s collective effort and not the individual quality of the Barcelona striker.

“Argentina is a team with players of the highest level,” said Casemiro.

“It’s not about one player. “We know the quality of Messi, he’s a great player, but we have to value the whole Argentine team and we have to respect them all.”

“It’s not just Messi and Lautaro [Martinez] either. We can’t focus only on them two. They are first-rate players and two of the [players at] the highest level in the world, but Argentina reached the final because of their team, their players.”

“We respect everyone. I admire him a lot, but Argentina is not only Messi and the defensive power of the Brazilian team is not only Casemiro.”


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