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Renault Ruda has officially announced his departure from the position of DT of the Colombian teamNow it is expected that the board of the Colombian Football Association will define who will be the technical director for the next tie.

Renault Ruda, who came to put out the fire in the national team in 2021, without winning, As he himself said after being eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar, he will not continue to command the national team.

“The executive committee will analyze and evaluate the existing options or options to determine who will assume the technical direction of our Colombian men’s team in the future,” the official statement said.

Unofficially, it is known that the Colombian Football Federation will take its time to choose Rwada’s replacement and will wait until the end of the World Cup in Qatar to define the situation.

However, many names have begun to develop a career not only in the national media but also in the different editions of the media.

Marcelo Bylsa

Marcelo Bielsa, manager of Leeds United.

Marcelo Bylsa, Argentina, who recently stepped down as manager of Leeds in the Premier League, is one of the first names speculated to be in the fold.

According to the OneFootball winger, Pizza will set three conditions to become the new Colombian coach in the coming years.

“The first condition of the former Leeds is to take control of the U-20 team, which is positive to integrate solid processes from the lower divisions, which will directly contribute to the senior team, with the birth of young players, who He doesn’t need to adapt to the main team, but he can shine and contribute”. He said.

It should be noted that Marcelo Bylasa will require a long process to achieve the goals designed“It will take time to give the national team a revival after the last few difficult years,” the source said.

This is not the first time that Pizza has coached Colombia.

Ramon Diaz

As the Argentine journalist Hernán Castillo said a few weeks ago, Strategic expert Ramón Díaz It will be on Colombia’s radar. However, for now it is a simple interest and not a formal offer.

Thias currently resides in Al Hilal, Saudi Arabia, where he has won three titles. In the case of a formal offer, you have to look at the economic problem that Theas asks for, which is the safest thing, he came with his son as a technical assistant.

George Louis Pinto

George Louis Pinto

Jorge Luis Pinto, coach of millionaires.


Hector Fabio Zamora / CEET

The former coach of Millonarios, with experience in national teams and participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, is another of the names that has sounded in press releases to reach the position.

His long career, his knowledge of degrees and his career in the selection are described as letters of support.

Pinto recently said that whoever replaces Renault Ruda should do so soon. He encouraged the FCF to do so before the middle of the year.

Pinto was coach of the Colombian national team between 2007 and 2009.

Ricardo Carreca

technician tragedy

Ricardo Carrera regrets losing the Copa América

At the beginning of February, the Ecuadorian journalist Vito Muñoz promised to be the current coach of Peru in the Marga 90 show. Ricardo ‘El Tigre’ was the candidate to replace Carreca Rouda.

The Peruvians in Argentina are very close to Qatar because they have to play the playoffs against Australia or the United Arab Emirates. So the final deal with him depends on what happens in that playoff.

Kareka is best remembered for his role in Colombian football, having played for América de Gaulle between 1985 and 1988, managing Santa Fe in 2005 and Scarlett in 2006.

Before the tie ended, the version that Juan Carlos OsorioHe has already parted ways with USA de Gaulle and will be ready to lead the national team without earning a penny.


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