Cristiano Ronaldo at war with Coca Cola

Surprising scene during the press conference of Portugal before the match against Hungary for the Euro 2020. A rare event, Cristiano Ronaldo was present for this press conference, which is already to report. But more than his declarations about his future or his excitement before starting the competition, the best striker of the history of Portugal was noticed for his obsession with the hygiene of life.

Indeed, arrived with his coach Fernando Santos, Cristiano Ronaldo took place to answer questions from journalists. But the two bottles of Coca-Cola present on his desk to promote the brand have absolutely not more to the Portuguese international. As a reminder, the Juventus striker does not drink soda and does not like his son and children to drink it either.

So Cristiano Ronaldo simply removed the two bottles of Coca-Cola from the table in front of him during his Euro 2020 pre-game press conference on Monday before holding up a bottle of water in the room and declaring that people should drink water instead. Then, for dramatic effect, he rolled his eyes and said with a pout mimicking disgust, “Coca-Cola.” The brand is an official sponsor of the tournament, but clearly, Ronaldo does not believe in the health drawbacks of water.

An original scene that has not failed to make laugh on social networks. Not sure, however, that the brand that pays to be present at this event, or that UEFA, is satisfied with this gesture. Nevertheless, the Portuguese preferred to pass on his message about the importance and the harmful consequences of soda on health rather than pretend nothing happened in order to respect the contract between Coca-Cola and UEFA.

In addition to this act, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about his future in front of the media, kicking aside when it was necessary to confirm that he would be at Juventus next season or that he gave importance to the rumors sending him to Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain: “I’ve been playing at the highest level for many years, I don’t mind, maybe if I was 18 or 19 years old, I might have spent sleepless nights, but I’m 36 years old.

“Whatever happens, it will be for the best, regardless of whether I stay at Juve or transfer. The main thing now is the Euro, it’s my fifth Euro, but for me it’s like the first Euro. The team is doing well, working very well since our first training session on the 27th, the team is great and ready. And so tomorrow I hope we can start on the right foot, it is important that we start with a victory. The public will be on their side, it’s good to play in front of a public, we will take advantage of it and the team is more than ready”, concluded the five-time Golden Ball winner.

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