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DELHI’s Supreme Court on Friday asked the Center to clarify whether it wants to withdraw its response filed in 2017 in response to petitions to criminalize marital rape. The Center previously informed the court that it wanted to take a fresh and constructive position before the court in the case, which has been pending since 2015.

“Take instructions on that too,” the court told Additional Attorney General Chetan Sharma after attorney Karuna Nundy, who represents one of the petitioners, asked if she should discuss arguments about the Center’s earlier affidavit or if it was withdrawn. .

Fearing his family could be attacked at any moment, the husband of a young woman, who was allegedly raped by her neighbors and paraded through the streets of Delhi’s Shahdara district, said she moved to a new home two months ago. had moved and “lived in secret”. ”.

The defendant was so scared, he said, that his parents asked him and his wife to leave the house and go elsewhere. “Even my family couldn’t support us and asked us to leave. What they did to my wife has scarred us for life,” the woman’s husband told The Indian Express on Friday.

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