Football Players With Expensive Insurances

Insurance for soccer players is necessary, of course considering that football is a very draining sport.
In matches, it is not surprising that there are so many cases of a footballer who must receive treatment and was forced to be sidelined for up to a year due to injury.
Of course, injuries have become a risk for football players. Especially if you are competing, anything can happen during the match.
Injuries have become a threat or risk itself for footballers. The body part of a footballer that is prone to injury is the foot.

There are many types of foot injuries that can be experienced by these soccer players. So it’s not surprising that many soccer players choose to insure their valuable body parts, namely the feet.
The interesting thing, it turns out that many famous football players insure some parts of their bodies such as feet and hands.
The Football Player Who Has the Most Expensive Insurance
They also pay a large sum of money to pay for the value of their foot health insurance.

The following are football players who have the most expensive insurance:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

The football player with the most expensive insurance from Portugal is Cristiano Ronaldo. To guard against the worst that might happen due to injury, the star’s legs are insured for IDR 1.2 trillion per year.
The most highly paid striker in the world rarely gets injured but Ronaldo really cares about his career so that amount of money will not be a problem to ensure the safety of his feet.

2. Manuel Neuer

Neuer, Germany’s star goalkeeper was another goalkeeper who decided to insure his precious hand. This mainstay goalkeeper pays insurance worth 4.3 million dollars or Rp. 588 billion.
For us ordinary people, this value is certainly fantastic, but for Neuer, the insurance figure is proportional to his income from year to year. Of course, his pair of hands was a very valuable asset.

3. Neymar

Neymar chose to insure his legs just in case. The insured value is also fairly large, namely Rp. 174 billion rupiah for a pair of legs of this Brazilian striker.
Yes, rather than having problems one day during the match, insuring his legs which are assets is the right choice. Because when he got injured, he could have missed several matches. This of course has an impact on his income.

4. Lionel Messi

Who does not know Lionel Messi, this world-class star player is famous for his agility when kicking football. This green field star is listed as the most expensive leg ever insured by a football player, which is up to Rp. 8.4 trillion per year.
This is not without reason, because Messi himself had suffered an injury when he was against la palmas in the Spanish La Liga. Messi has problems in his groin. Making the player nicknamed La Pulga had to be sidelined for several weeks.
The winner of five Ballon d’Or awards is reported to spend Rp. 6.6 billion per year every year to pay the value of his insurance premium.

5. Iker Casillas

Besides Manuel Neuer, another goalkeeper who insured a pair of hands was Iker Casillas. The former Spanish national team goalkeeper who brought victory in the 2010 world cup did not want to be outdone by the strikers and midfielders to insure his body parts.
However, usually football players insure his feet for this one goalkeeper who chooses to insure a pair of hands with an insurance value of Rp 115 billion.

6. Wayne Rooney

Rooney or commonly known as Wazza insured his legs with a value of Rp 4.7 billion to avoid acute injuries he had experienced in the period 2004 to 2006.
This figure is quite fantastic, but of course it is worth the income and various risks that he can experience at any time.
These are some of the insurance values for football players in the world. The players above are willing to spend deeply so that their feet can be healthy and safe. This is not surprising, considering that the feet are quite a big asset for football players

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