Insurance for Football Spectators

The riots of football club supporters are often quite stressful. Especially if each club competes fiercely. No doubt, the fans’ battles erupted several times, even taking lives. In addition to soccer player insurance, fans can also get health insurance.

PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the operator of professional football competitions in Indonesia continues to strive to improve the quality of the competition.

This latest, after they previously provided health insurance for football players. This time the spectators who were present to witness live at the stadium, will also get health insurance. Any viewers can now get health insurance.

This innovation was realized thanks to the collaboration between PT LIB and one of the companies engaged in the insurance sector, namely PT FWD Life Indonesia.

Well, that’s some information related to football player insurance. For those of you who are starting to join a football club, consider choosing the type of health insurance or life insurance that suits your needs.

Don’t wait to get sick like Diego Mendieta’s dark story. Because, no one knows what our financial condition will be in the future. It’s really troublesome, if no one covers your health.

So, don’t hesitate to compare premium prices, to see the insurance benefits you need.

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, there was a clash between Persebaya and Arema fans. The incident damaged the Supriyadi Stadium and its surroundings. The city of Blitar, as the location of the stadium, has attracted the attention of the regional government of East Java Province. Responding to the troubling conditions, the East Java Provincial Government made sure to step in and bear the medical costs for the injured victims. The provincial government also ensured to compensate for the damage caused by the riots.

Damage to crops in rice fields, gardens, and stalls is also borne. If there are injured victims and require treatment due to the riots at the Supriyadi Stadium, Blitar.

The East Java Provincial Government and the local police are still conducting data and calculating the damage caused by other riots. The provincial government regarding the perpetrators of vandalism has fully handed over to the regional police for action.

Losing or winning is actually normal, any sport match is the same. if it’s like this already, there is a lot of risk of experiencing losses. Is there a way to prevent it like that?

So often we watch exciting sports matches, such as football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, until late in the game, often football matches, which make the audience fanaticism crazy, so it is widely reported that if a soccer match between team X vs team Y will happen unrest.

Starting from things like this, it turns out that insurance companies provide products to cover spectators sitting in the stands, not only that, this guarantee protection lasts up to 24 hours of matches in Indonesia this is organized by FWD and the New Indonesia League, Likewise in Indonesia. At the 2018 Asian Games, insurance for spectators was also provided.

Supporters Guaranteed Smooth Match

Although the insurance clause is not yet clear about what the requirements for football spectator insurance policy holders are, but until now, with this insurance and some of its customers feel safe, the affiliated parties such as sponsors and stadium managers are also supportive.

However, things like this should be appreciated and become a major concern for football spectators, even though the spectators must avoid riots, not be involved in acts of vandalism, but guaranteeing safety and security when watching their favorite football club compete is the hope of all spectators. (Arms)


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