Jamie Carragher: "Can this team get it back?"

Jamie Carragher: “Can this team get it back?”

Liverpool’s poor form in the early weeks of the 2022-2023 season continued this week with an embarrassing loss to Napoli in the Champions League.

The Reds lost the game 1-4 in a display where they started the game slowly and looked matte the entire time.

Former Liverpool defender and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher expressed concern for the future of the squad, who have won everything under Jurgen Klopp’s leadership but currently look tired and a little lost.

“The problem tonight is not that game,” Carragher said on CBS.

“Forget this game. For me, the big concern is, ‘is this almost a season-long thing?’

Liverpool were unable to take a win in their three opening games of the Premier League season, but then beat Bournemouth 9-0 in their fourth, temporarily allaying fears that their season is doomed.

But Carragher pointed to another problem.

“Out of the seven games Liverpool have played this season, they have conceded the first goal in five. They don’t start games well,” he said.

“So I’m not going to criticize their attitude because what this team has done – especially in Europe, in the Premier League, the game against Barcelona, ​​come back – the mentality is fantastic.”

But he pointed to the intensity Klopp has demanded from these players since he took over, describing it as “five or six years on full blast”.

“Is this a huge setback physically because of what’s happened in the last five or six years, the way they’ve played, how intense they’ve been?

“Can this team get it back? That’s my concern, not tonight. What will happen to the future of this team and this season?”

Liverpool will have to pay attention to the nuances of their poor performances to bring back their winning ways.

“This is still only the fourth game Liverpool have lost in 2022, which shows how consistent they have been, but it’s the performances rather than the results that worry me at the moment,” added Carra.

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