Legia Warsaw Strike Deal To Become NFT Pioneers In European Football

Legia Warsaw, the most successful club in Polish football history, has joined the NFT revolution.

The landmark deal signed with Capital Block will be Europe’s first football/NFT strategy and allow them to deliver NFTs of the club’s key moments to fans.

Capital Block’s brief will focus on helping the current Polish champions and his fans get along better. The agency will be responsible for identifying, creating and building a clear NFT strategy; identifying assets that can be created as NFTs; growing Legia Warsaw NFT community; and most importantly, helping fans better understand NFTs.

“For us, it is another groundbreaking step in our commercial development and as we explore and engage new areas of modern business,” said Paweł Kokosza, Commercial Director of Legia Warsaw.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are a unique digital asset that can be bought, sold and collected – this can be images and videos, and much more.

Blockchain technology has been used in many industries in recent years, including the wine,gamble, and visual arts sectors.

With record sales from recording artist Beeple last year, the profile of NFTs was raised and more and more celebrities are stepping onto the scene with Quentin TarantinoGrimes and William Shatner are all launching their own NFT products,

It is hoped that when it comes to sports, NFTs will allow fans to get closer to their favorite clubs, allowing players and stars to interact with their fans in a whole new way.

“Legia has recognized the need for a well-thought-out long-term NFT strategy to build an engaged community of passionate football fans,” said CEO Tim Magnall.

Capital Block, which will also take on the sponsorship of Legia Warsaw, says the NFT market remains largely untapped by football clubs. The company says this is because teams struggle to understand the NFT landscape and don’t know how to make NFTs relevant to fans.

“We will now be working on NFTs that will mark and represent some of the most iconic players and moments in the club’s history, and we will also ensure that Legia NFTs are usable for its fans – that these NFTs help them get closer to their club,” Magnal says.

“This should be a turning point in European football.”

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