Liverpool FC — 'Opportunities to play with the best are why you become a footballer'

Liverpool FC — ‘Opportunities to play with the best are why you become a footballer’

Describing his goals after the team’s first training session, he told “Seize every training session and every opportunity when I go out on the pitch. [in the] few games. It will be good to get involved and really impress the boss.

“This is why you became a footballer: to take these kinds of opportunities, to play with the greatest players.

“It’s just trying to see if you’re at that level and hopefully one day surpass it.

“It’s a great opportunity. I found out about it about two weeks ago, so enough [time] to prepare. It’s a long camp. I talk to my family about it and they all cheer for me.”

The central defender, captain of the U19 UEFA Youth League squad, has trained with the first team at the AXA Training Center on a number of occasions.

But he believes the close proximity of such seasoned and talented players day in and day out during the Dubai camp will help him immensely, both on and off the pitch.

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