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Messi’s “worst” season. Enough for the World Cup?

When Messi signed for PSG there was a lot of speculation; indeed, many specialists tipped him for the Champions League because of the terrifying attack that was to take place in Paris along with Mbappe and Neymar.

But as the season progressed, Messi never got off the ground and looked for more success with his national team by winning the Copa America in Brazil, not his French club.

But is this Messi’s worst season? Maybe to score goals, yes, it was not his best year. Only 8 goals in 29 games, not since the 2005-06 season, his second at Barcelona, ​​had he had such a bad score.

But when it comes to assists, La Pulga isn’t up to par; he has 13 and is the leader in Ligue 1, and his participation in his club’s attacking actions is 80%, so if the Ligue 1 championship is won, it will be partly because of him.

PSG may lose Mbappe next season, but with Messi more adapted, they are Champions League contenders, and if you want to bet on the City of Light head to Interbet South Africa, which has the best odds and betting options.

What to expect with PSG

The fact is that Messi will stay for another season. He likes to fulfill his contracts and will not return to Barcelona. His attention will be fully focused on PSG, as his main goal is the World Cup with Argentina, but we’ll talk about that later.

The criticism of the Argentinian has been harsh in France, and that is not well received. But Messi is one of those eager to demonstrate, and for his second season, much more immersed in the French discipline and comfortable with Neymar up front, he will be looking for that trophy that has escaped the club and the striker. The UEFA Champions League.

The obsession is the European Cup, the Paris team must win it, but the conditions were not right. This season they were eliminated from the Bernabeu with a very sad performance by Messi, who missed a penalty in the first leg. All this fueled the fans who still cannot forgive him for so many interruptions.

What the Paris fans forget is that Messi is the spearhead of the attack; although Mbappe is the one who scores all the goals, the rosarino is the one who starts them.

Next season will certainly be a historic season for Messi.

What to expect with Argentina

But the most important thing for the striker is the World Cup. That trophy, which eluded him in Brazil, appears to be a strong opportunity for Qatar as Argentina arrive as favourites.

Scaloni’s team arrives as champions of America after 28 years of not winning anything. Messi broke the curse of three lost finals with a historic performance at the home of bitter rivals Brazil.

Lionel Messi knows that to be considered the best in history, the world championship is the only thing he’s missing.

The shadow of Maradona and the ’86 World Cup looms over the current 10, and this World Cup seems very possible.

The current Argentine team relies heavily on Messi, who has magically outperformed at club level. Messi has made no secret of his desire to transcend with his country and this has removed him from PSG, which, as we have said, has been noted.

But his performance with his national team was spectacular; he won the goals and assists at the Copa America. Leader of shots and passes, arguably the best player of the tournament.

In what appears to be his last World Cup, the 34-year-old Argentine is in good form, even if the numbers don’t say so, and Argentina is on a significant unbeaten run.

Will Messi seize his last chance at eternal glory? They are in a fairly accessible group, but in a World Cup anything can happen.

After 28 years Argentina has a serious team that can fight, nothing beats those teams that needed a flash of skill and relied on individuals. Scaloni’s Argentina is a team, and with Messi’s commitment, they are undoubtedly the team to beat.

France, Brazil and Germany are serious contenders and rivals to spoil Messi’s feast.

Is it enough to win the World Cup?

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