Mourinho tackles Cristiano Ronaldo

During his press conference of presentation as Roma coach, Mourinho addressed a message to his ex-player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

José Mourinho is about to take on a new challenge in his coaching career. The Special One will take care of the Italian team of AS Roma. He returns to the Serie A ten years after, and this experience will allow him to rub shoulders again with the biggest names in this championship.

Mourinho will be reunited with some old friends from next August, among whom is a certain Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, unless the five-time Ballon d’Or winner changes clubs before the end of the season, the two men are bound to meet again during the battles between the Old Lady and the Wolf.

The Lusitanian technician could have feared this upcoming duel against his compatriot, but this is not the case at all. He explained why during his presentation press conference on Thursday: “No, I’m not worried. Because I do not play as a central defender. If I had played in that position and he was my opponent, I would have touched him, but unfortunately I am not good enough and I am too old to play against him.

Mourinho has been labeled as a “finished coach”. A demeaning label that he did not mind challenging: “In my last three clubs, I won the title at Chelsea, 3 trophies at Man United, and I reached a final at Tottenham, where we finished sixth after being 12th, reaching the Europa League. What is considered a disaster for me is something that others have achieved and it is my fault. I won 3 trophies at Manchester United and that was considered a disaster. I reached the cup final that I wasn’t allowed to play in at Tottenham, and that was also seen as a disaster. What is a disaster for me is considered a great success for others.

Finally, Mourinho was asked if he thinks he has been supplanted by Antonio Conte in the hearts of the tifosi nerrazurri. His answer was: “There are coaches in the history of the club that should never be compared to others. At AS Roma, for example, do not compare Capello or Liedholm to other coaches. For Inter, never compare others to Helenio Herrera or to me, because you can’t do that.

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