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Mumbai News Live Update, News Mumbai Weather Live, Mumbai Today News Maharashtra Director General Sanjay Pandey has been appointed as the Mumbai Police Commissioner. (Express Photo: Ganesh Shirsekar)

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Manukumar Srivastava is new chief secretary of Maharashtra

The government of Maha Vikas Aghadi appointed Manukumar Srivastava as Secretary of State on Monday. Srivastava is taking over from Debashish Chakrabarty, who retired on Monday after a three-month stint.

Srivastava, an officer of the group from 1986, is the most senior officer in the state. He is likely to serve more than a year in office before retiring in April 2023. He was to become the Chief Secretary after SJ Kunte retired on November 30, but the state government decided to make Chakrabarty the Chief Secretary.

Maharashtra government wants two days to issue new guidelines on local train travel for unvaccinated

Maharashtra’s government on Monday requested two days from the Bombay Supreme Court to issue new guidelines on whether or not to allow un or partially vaccinated people against Covid-19 to board local trains and shopping malls and to enter workplaces.

The Maharashtra government had told the Supreme Court on February 22 that it was ready to revoke the “illegal” circulars and standard operating procedures issued on July 15, August 10 and August 11 last year that allowed only fully vaccinated people to board local trains and visit shopping centers and workshops.

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