Pros And Cons Of Children Playing Mini Football

Insurance for a child for playing mini-football

Mini-football is very popular in our country, especially among children. Competitions are regularly held, numerous sections work . Sports insurance for a child in futsal is one of the most important requirements for the training and competitive process.

Do I need to insure children to play mini-football

The desire to achieve high results, to defeat the opposing team encourages little players to give their best on the field in full. At the same time, the musculoskeletal structure of the body has not yet been fully formed in children, and intensive growth and development continues. Bones can be fragile, muscles not fully strengthened. Children in the excitement of a duel often do not pay attention to the danger of injury, engage in single combats, and give their best on the football field 100%. All this can lead to injury.

In order to compensate for possible loss of sports form and to be able to undergo the most effective treatment, recovery and rehabilitation, it is necessary to have sports insurance for playing mini-football. Insurance for children, including online, is quickly and reliably carried out by company.


Will football be a suitable sport for your child? Here are the pros of the discipline:

  • You learn to team up : football is an aggregating sport, every victory or defeat is shared and metabolized with teammates. Unlike individual sports where the child has to learn to manage their emotions, the tension, the disappointment of a defeat, in football everyone must contribute and make themselves available for the team by giving the best of themselves.
  • It helps to create friendships : not only do you form a team but often between training and changing rooms you establish real bonds with other children which sometimes turn into solid and lasting friendships.
  • Football is a democratic sport : the costs of football schools are generally quite low. Furthermore, a ball and a courtyard are enough to play! The rest is done by the imagination of children.
  • You learn the value of sacrifice : training, away matches, the Sunday match. If a child decides he wants to follow his passion for football, he will learn to understand that this requires sacrifice, renunciation, work, commitment. You can’t skip training to stay home playing video games or miss a game for a birthday party.


Here is the list of cons:

  • It is an asymmetrical sport : it leads the child to develop the lower limbs but does not train the upper body! Children, on the other hand, should develop their whole body harmoniously. Exercises for the upper body must be combined to ensure a complete workout for the child.
  • He will probably get hurt : the risk of getting hurt is high compared to other sports. Swollen ankle, scratches, bruises, sore knee … it can fall on the field or collide badly with the opponent.

In conclusion, the sport of football helps to foster positive values, educate children to discipline and respect the rules but also to make them better, more sociable and self-confident people.
Like any sport it has its pros and cons but the best thing you can do for your child is to let him choose. If in doubt, suggest that he try other sports so he can understand what he really likes.

Mandatory Requirement 

Coaches of sports schools and mini-football sections consider the availability of sports insurance to be one of the prerequisites for admitting children to the team. It can be issued for a certain period of time – a month, a season or a year. It is also possible to conclude an agreement online and not distract future champions from their studies. The fact that the child has a drawn up insurance policy allows the coach to ensure the protection of the student’s health in the event of various types of injuries specified in the policy.


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