Russia-Ukraine live news: Zelenskyy says sanctions are not enough | War news between Russia and Ukraine

  • The US government is considering a ban on oil from Russia to increase pressure on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.
  • Streaming giant Netflix has suspended its service in Russia.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged the West to tighten sanctions against Russia.
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These are the latest updates:

Zelensky says sanctions against Russia are not enough

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on the West to tighten sanctions against Russia.

In a video statement, Zelenskyy criticized Western leaders for failing to respond to the Russian Defense Ministry’s earlier announcement that it would attack Ukraine’s military-industrial complex.

“I haven’t even heard a world leader respond to this,” Zelenskyy said. “The brutality of the aggressor is a clear signal to the West that the sanctions imposed on Russia are not enough.”

Zelenskyy also called for a “tribunal” to be organized to bring to justice those who ordered and perpetrated such crimes. “Think of the occupiers’ sense of impunity for announcing such planned atrocities,” he said.

Russia’s defense ministry had said its forces plan to attack Ukraine’s military-industrial complex with what it said were “precision weapons” and urged staff to leave, in a statement from Russia’s state news agency. bag.

Volodymyr Zelensky gives a speech, standing behind a lectern
Zelenskyy criticized Western leaders for failing to respond to Russia’s Defense Ministry’s earlier announcement that it would attack Ukraine’s military-industrial complex [Ukraine presidency via AFP]

US does not believe that Russian attack on Odessa is imminent

The United States does not believe a Russian amphibious assault in or near the Ukrainian city of Odessa is imminent, a senior US defense official said amid growing concerns over a possible attack on the city.

Speaking on condition of anonymity with Reuters news agency, the official estimated that Russia had launched about 600 missiles since the start of its invasion and deployed about 95 percent of the forces it had previously deployed outside the country to Ukraine.

Russian forces continued to attempt to advance and isolate Kiev, Kharkov and Chernihiv, encountering “strong Ukrainian resistance,” the official said.

Netflix stops service in Russia

Streaming giant Netflix has suspended its service in Russia.

A statement from the company cited “onsite conditions” for its decision to suspend its Russian service, but offered no additional details.

The US-based platform had already halted its acquisitions in Russia, as well as production of original programs.

Earlier, social media giant TikTok announced it was suspending the posting of all video content from Russia to keep its employees safe and comply with new regulations in the country.

Moscow on Friday signed a law introducing prison terms of up to 15 years for what is considered “fake news” about the Russian military.

Bolshoi conductor resigns after pressure

Tugan Sokhiev, the music director and chief conductor of Moscow’s prestigious Bolshoi Theater, announced his resignation, saying he was coming under pressure to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian said in a statement that he was resigning “with immediate effect” from his position at the Moscow theater and from his equivalent position with the French Orchester National du Capitole de Toulouse.

Read the full story here.

Russian conductor Tugan Sokhiev rehearses with the Orchester National du Capitole of Toulouse
Tugan Sokhiev announced his resignation on March 6, 2022, saying he came under pressure to take a stance on the conflict in Ukraine. [File: Eric Cabanis/AFP]

Russian troops meddle in Ukraine nuclear power plant: IAEA

Russian forces have tightened their control over the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant since they seized it Friday, the United Nations nuclear watchdog warned.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, said he was “extremely concerned” after Ukraine’s nuclear regulator told the agency that workers at the plant, the largest in Ukraine, must now request permission from the Russian Armed Forces for any operation, even maintenance.

Read more about this story here.

Number of refugees in Poland exceeds one million

More than a million refugees have crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland since Russia launched its invasion, Polish border guards have said.

“Today at 8 p.m. [19:00 GMT] the number of people from Ukraine to Poland exceeded one million. These are a million human tragedies,” the border guard wrote on Twitter.

US considers possible ban on oil imports from Russia

The US government is in talks with its European allies about a possible import ban on oil from Russia.

“We are now in talks with our European partners and allies to look in a coordinated manner at the prospect of banning Russian oil imports,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CNN.

The debate also revolved around “ensuring that there is still an appropriate supply of oil in world markets,” Blinken said. “That’s a very active discussion right now.”

US President Joe Biden has not explicitly ruled out such a move.

More details about this development can be found here.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken attends Civil Society Roundtable in Moldova's Chisinau
Blinken says US is in ‘active’ talks with allies over possible ban on Russian oil imports [Olivier Douliery/Pool via Reuters]

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