Sergio Ramos explains his transfer to PSG

The Spanish defender is more than ready to face a new challenge in his career in the French capital.

Sergio Ramos is a competitor. At the age of 35, the Spanish international has signed with Paris Saint-Germain for the next two seasons and does not intend to come to the French capital to make up the numbers. Always at the top of his form, despite injuries more and more recurrent, Sergio Ramos is more ambitious than ever. In an interview with the official website of PSG, he justified his transfer to the French vice-champion in title.

“It’s a club that belongs to the top in Europe, it’s a club that works hard to succeed, with a great history. It’s a young club but it’s growing. There are great players in the squad, it is a chance for me to grow personally and professionally. I think I can bring experience and maturity. I am a hard worker, I like to be consistent and have a sense of sacrifice. This is what I have achieved throughout my career, and I will try to give my best to try to bring as many titles here as possible,” explained the Spaniard.

“I start every season again with the same motivation, I challenge myself every time to start from scratch and have the same determination every time, and the same desire to win. That’s what I’m going to do here too. I want to accomplish things with a lot of humility, with a lot of work, with a lot of effort and with a lot of commitment. That’s what I think defines me best,” added Sergio Ramos.

“We are here to give everything and win”

The Spaniard is in total agreement with the ambitions of the capital club: “We are in a club that wants to win everything. After that, soccer is not an exact science, there are always details that make a game lost or won … But we have to give the maximum to have peace of mind, to give everything on the field, it is also what defines this team and this club, we must always see things in big. We are here to give everything and win. ”

Sergio Ramos admitted that he is happy to join PSG and delivered a message to the fans, “This is a very special moment for me. I am very happy to join Paris Saint-Germain, it is an important change in my life. It is a new challenge for me, but I am proud to be able to take it up here in Paris. I come here with the desire to work hard and win titles, two values that are dear to the club. I am happy to be part of this great club.”

“I want to tell the fans that I hope we will live together a season full of success, and that they are sure that we will give everything on the field, to celebrate with them, we hope, many titles. I also want to thank the club, the institution, the President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, for the trust he has placed in me”, concluded the former Real Madrid captain who will wear the number 4 under his new colors.


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