The Voice of Football: Legendary Commentator John Motson Launches NFT Collection on

Fanz and legendary British football commentator John ‘Motty’ Motson are going to launch an NFT collection on the blockchain.

The collection celebrates Motson’s favorite 50 football games over a 50-year career.

Each NFT consists of Motty’s audio summary of an iconic game, with 3D animated graphics of Motty at the time. Each of the 10,000 NFTs is completely unique.

“John has commented on the BBC and FIFA for over 50 years. He has competed in over 2000 games at World Cups, European Championships and all levels of the national game,” said Fanz founder Sam Jones.

“We wanted to create a collection featuring John on the blockchain that would allow fans to own a moment in time with the ultimate narrator in the global game remembering his favorite games.”, a digital nation for the world game, is a gateway to NFTs, gaming and governance, bringing Web 3.0 to the world game.

“Massive adoption of Web 3.0 hasn’t happened in football yet,” Jones added.

“We think owning a Motty memory could be a good start for a fan to get involved in the blockchain. At Fanz, we launch collections featuring some of the biggest names in the game, legends, players and teams. We’ll start with Motty. Maradona is next.”

To join Fanz, go to and join the Discord community.

Before you can get your hands on a Motty NFT, you need to prove that you are a legit fan. This can be done by providing a ticket to a football match, proof of a football TV subscription or a photo with some football memorabilia or with a football legend.

John Motson’s Voice of Football NFT Collection will be available March 22.

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