Vincent Kompany's statue outside the Etihad Stadium.

Vincent Kompany asks Pep Guardiola not to link him to Manchester City job – The Guardian

Vincent Kompany insists Pep Guardiola should stop saying the Belgian will one day be Manchester City manager, claiming it is unrealistic given he works in the Championship with Burnley.

Kompany, who captained City under Guardiola for three years, will take Burnley to the Etihad Stadium for the FA Cup sixth round on Saturday. It is the former defender’s first competitive return since ending a highly successful 11-year stay at the club in 2019. His status with the club is further underlined by his statue in the stadium.

On Friday, Guardiola reiterated his view that Kompany is a future City manager. When informed of this, Kompany, whose team led the championship by 13 points, rejected it.

“He needs to stop saying it,” Kompany said. “I’m a Championship manager, I don’t know what you want from me. “I think first and foremost he should stay at Manchester City for another ten years. And City are fighting for the Champions League, we are fighting for the championship, so I don’t think these kinds of conversations make sense.

“They must have the best manager in the world. I also want to be extremely respectful of the club I lead. This club means everything to me. I want this club to get better.”

Kompany was asked if Guardiola’s comments raised expectations of him. “Pressure is a thing of your own mind,” he said. “I think when you play in grand finals you’re under quite a bit of pressure, but I try to be as rational as possible. I’m in an environment where the people I work with are rational enough not to make my job dependent on the fact if we beat Manchester City.

“I came to Burnley because I chose it for the people. It’s an environment where I get the chance to learn and get better. As long as we graft and work hard, the people here will give you time.”

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Kompany did admit that the statue of him is a bit surreal. “That’s a little weird,” he said. “I received huge recognition from the club for what I was, not just as a player but also as a competitor but also as a leader in moments. Now I’m on the other side and that’s the person I see every day of the week for Burnley wants to represent.”

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