Viral TikTok accurately predicts Champions League with eggs – AS USA

In TikTok eggs we trust! Wait what?

Look, I’m not saying you should rely on an egg to determine the winner of the UEFA Champions League. I’m just saying this one special eggs have not yet been mistaken about a winner.

Viral TikTok egg video accurately predicts the Champions League so far

Manchester City reached the Champions League final yesterday with their 4-0 win over Real Madrid in the second leg of the semi-finals (5-1 aggregate) and Inter Milan advanced to AC Milan a few days before. And those were the most recent accurate predictions from TikTok user and football fan @lavezzi1893.

The funny thing about his predictions is that he beat eggs together to decide which teams would advance. He collected some eggs, each with the logo of the teams in the Champions League. He then crushed the two teams that faced each other starting with Real Madrid and Chelsea the first egg to break is eliminated. He accurately predicted that Madrid would beat Chelsea, City would beat Bayern Munich, AC Milan would beat Napoli, Inter Milan would beat Benfica, Inter would beat AC Milan and now City would beat Madrid in the semi-finals.

The only game left now is the final. If the egg can be trusted, things aren’t looking good for City. The egg predicts that Inter will steal City’s title hopes in the Champions League final. Do we really have to put our trust in an egg? If Inter win against City on June 10, don’t tell me you won’t at least think about it next time.

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