We need each other, we need to stick together

We need each other, we need to stick together

You’ve set the bar so high for yourself over the past few seasons in how you approach games, how you control games, and when you defend games. How are you going to find those levels again?

Stay together, don’t point fingers. Everyone knows that everyone can do better. What I said, we are not robots, we try to perform and you can have bad moments. It’s how you deal with it and now we’ll definitely take a good look at what happened tonight together, talk to each other and focus on the game ahead. It’s good for us that there’s a match pretty soon after this and hopefully [we] get great performance and result.

You say stay together, it’s about being a little angry, but being angry in the right way, that controlled anger…

Surely. Of course we all know that we can do better. We all want to win games. What you said, we’ve all been through it, this team has won everything and we need to stick together. We are in a situation [where] we expect a lot more from ourselves and, like i said, we need to be together. We’re all human, we go through tough times together and the only way out is to do it together and be together, so we’ll do that.

In terms of the Champions League and a little bit of perspective, there are many different ways to get through a group, many different ways to be successful. You go back to the year we won, we lost here in Napoli in the first game. This could change very quickly in terms of the Champions League…

It can change, sure. There are still so many games to play, but you wanted to get off to a good start. The situation is as it is. The next match in the Champions League is Ajax at home and we need the fans, we need a good performance from us. Of course it starts on Saturday with a good chance against a good side, so we will give everything. What I said, the key is to be together. We need everyone. If you blame others and don’t look at yourself or create negativity around the club, you won’t get out of this. I’m confident we’ll turn this around together.

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