What does football insurance cover and why refuses to pay in some cases

Football insurance covers all situations of damage or accident caused while playing football

In the case:

  • Pay the insured for medical treatment in the event of an accident or injury, including any surgery, hospitalization, recovery therapy, physiotherapy, psychological support
  • Reimburse any damage that the insured may cause to third parties . If the athlete hurts or damages a teammate or an opponent, the insurance will take care of the complete medical treatment of the victim, including the payment of any biological damage.
  • Reimburse any damage that the football man may cause to the football facility in which he trains, so in the event the insured accidentally breaks a tool, a device, a machine owned by the gym, football club or pool where he trains.

Cases Where Football Insurance Can Refuse To Pay

Like all insurances , even the formula dedicated to football men has a precise regulation, which provides for exceptions to reimbursement. The regulation of the football insurance provides that the conditions exist to intervene with the economic coverage. In the case:
  • The accident must take place in the competent football facility, in the presence of at least one instructor and therefore in the performance of the sport in accordance with the rules.
  • The accident must be violent and fortuitous.
  • The accident must be an event that cannot be avoided and prevented.
  • The accident must occur during the regular course of activities. In light of this regulation, the exceptions are easily understood.

The Insurance Does Not Pay In The Following Cases:

  • For accidents occurring while playing football in unsuitable places (for example football on the lawn behind the house, beach volleyball at the sea) and for recreational and amusement purposes.
  • Accidents occurred while playing football for pure personal pleasure, therefore not in the presence of an instructor, teacher or coach.
  • Accidents occurring while playing a sport without taking all precautions for your safety, therefore classified as an avoidable event.
  • Accidents occurring while under doping, drugs, drugs or alcohol. Likewise, football insurance does not compensate for injuries that occur if you play football when there is a medical certificate that requires a rest or stop period.

The responsibility of the manager of the sports facility

  • In addition to the athletes, during sporting events, the managers of the gaming facility and the organizer of the event are also responsible .
  • These subjects have the obligation to guarantee the safety of the athletes, taking all necessary measures to prevent any damage to the players on the field. They must also ensure the suitability of the facilities, check all equipment and carry out their maintenance so that all the necessary safety measures are always respected.
  • If safety problems of the sports facility or defects in its suitability are found , the manager would be held responsible for all the damage that these irregularities have caused to the athletes who use the facility. He will then be obliged to pay damages.
  • If a lamp falls in a gym, it is obvious that the owner of the structure will have to compensate for all the damage that this harmful event has caused to the athletes on the field.

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