What Is The Football Injury Policy and Where To Buy It

You can buy football insurance from GoProtect. Insure for any selected period from one day, for one competition and up to 1 year – it is fast and very convenient. To do this, go to football insurance calculator, which, after entering the necessary data, will calculate the cost automatically. The cost of the policy will remain final and no additional fees will be charged.

The finished document, immediately after payment, will be sent to the specified e-mail in PDF format . In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the policy in electronic form is an official and absolutely legal document that gives the insured person the right to receive compensation under the contract.

What determines the cost of insurance

The cost of insurance for playing football depends on the conditions chosen, the cost is influenced by:

  • Athlete’s age
  • The number of disciplines, you can add up to 4
  • The term of the agreement (from 1 day to 1 year)
  • Sum insured (coverage).
  • When applying for a policy, it should be remembered that the higher the amount of insurance coverage, the higher the cost of the policy, but the amount of compensation after the NA will be higher.

What need to do in case of an accident

When a NS occurs, the athlete or the person in charge must seek medical attention. After being discharged from the medical institution, you need to get a certificate-extract of the sample established by S.K., prepare other documents confirming the fact of the onset of NS and apply for payment.

The list of all required documents, as well as a step-by-step all algorithm of actions, is published on the insured event page .

Payments are calculated each time based on the severity of the injury. In case of obtaining a disability group, as in the case of the death of an athlete, the payment will be 100% of the insurance amount. For other risks, the amount of compensation is determined in accordance with the payout table .

What Is The Football Injury Policy

The football injury policy is a useful tool to protect the health of athletes, technicians and managers who carry out the activity at a competitive level, regardless of whether it is professional or amateur. Against an annual insurance premium whose amount varies according to the type of sport practiced (football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, athletics, etc.), this specific policy allows access to a reimbursement of medical expenses incurred to treat any injury, regardless of the extent, occurred during the course of a competitive event and therefore recognized by Coni.

Naturally, the necessary medical reports are required in which it is certified when the accident occurred, the extent and all the necessary documentation. It should be remembered that this type of policy provides for the reimbursement only of medical expenses incurred. Among other things, the insurance coverage can possibly be extended by providing for the so-called ongoing risk. In practice, you are entitled to reimbursement even in the event that the injury occurs during the path that leads from home to the stadium or the facility where the sporting activity will take place. Obviously, it is necessary to prove that the accident actually occurred during the journey. Finally, it should be emphasized that the football injury policy may also provide for insurance coverage from any damage during sporting practice for the structure where the competition takes place and for the tools used.

This policy can be combined with another, private liability insurance , which provides for compensation to third parties by increasing the coverage. In this case, the premium will be decidedly different from that provided for by the football injury policy. A rather convenient coverage that therefore should be signed especially for those who plan to organize amateur events to protect the same organization, athletes, technicians and possibly also the public present, from possible injuries that could involve rather high medical costs especially if for example, surgery will be required.

Insurance offers a convenient and easy way to insure. There is no need to visit the office to get the policy. All the necessary information can be found on the company’s website and the documents can be drawn up here. The procedure will only take a few minutes. The policy is valid in all countries of the world. It can be issued both for classes in a section or a football school, and for participation in competitions. The site contains a calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of the policy in advance, depending on the desired insured amount. To obtain a document, it is enough to fill out a simple form and pay its cost. Football insurance price incomparable with the value of the health and life of an athlete. At the same time, the cost of the policy is quite acceptable even for novice athletes, as everyone can see by simply looking at website.

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