Who is Ronaldinho? Wiki, Biography, Brief Details

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, commonly known as Ronaldinho Gaúcho or simply Ronaldinho, is a Brazilian former professional footballer and current ambassador for Barcelona. He played mostly as an attacking midfielder, but was also deployed as a winger.

Who is Ronaldinho?

The Brazilian football star Ronaldinho now reaches the top of success in the sports of families of soccer players. After the famous Youth Race, Ronaldinho became an important member of the Brazilian team that won the 2002 World Cup. He played for Brazil, France, Spain, the Italian Club and this year’s FIFA World player duplicates .

Early life

Ronaldinho was born in Ronaldo de Assis Moreira on March 21, 1980, Brazil Porto Alegre. His father, Joãomoreira, former professional football players who worked as a shipyard welder, and his mother, Miguelina de Assis, was a cosmetic employee who became a nurse later. Ronaldinho’s brother, Roberto Assis, also a professional soccer player. Ronaldinho was surrounded by football from the day he was born. “I come from a family where football has always existed.” “My uncle, my father and my brother were all the players. I lived on such a history, I take care of them. I tried to dedicate myself more and more over time. ”

” She especially adored his father. He was one of the most important people for me. And in my career, he said, even if he died when he was very young. “He gave me some of the best advice I’ve had so far. Field off:` Do something honest, honest, honest, honest, honest, honest and heterosexual. “ Soccer plays as easy as possible. ‘He is playing one of the More complex things. You can play easily. ”

Ronaldinho begins to play a younger soccer organized at 7 years old, he was the first as a youth football player who was first in the form of “Ronaldinho” of his birth name from the birth name of him. “When I was very young, I was a bit small, so I always called myself with a player who was more than what was more than me, they started calling, yes, was young, so it was my ronavigno.”

Restable, difficult hardened area, the juvenile team of Ronaldinho had to be done in the improvised performance field. “The only grass in the field was in the corner,” Ronaldinho recalls. “I did not get pasture! It was only sand”. In addition to football, Ronaldinho played Futsal, playing in the interior on the surface of the hard coat and published 5 players on each side. Ronaldinho was marked by controlling the early experience of Futsal formed the unique performance style of him and closing his incredible touch and ball. “Lots of moves I was born from futsal,” He said: “He played in a very small space, and the ball control is different in Futsal.” And my ball control is quite similar. At control of Foot Foot Sulfey Player.

Ronaldinho has quickly developed one of Brazil’s most talented soccer players. When he was 13 years old, he once made 23 goals in a single game. While leading to his team to several junior championships, Ronaldinho is dedicated to the history of Brazil’s long and glory, studying wonderful things like Pere, Riverene, Ronaldo, and to the traces of him, I have a dream. Then, in 1997, the adolescent Ronaldinho won the Calip of Brazil. The team won FIFA with Egyptian world championships, and Ronaldinho was chosen as the best player in the tournament. Soon after, Ronaldinho signed his first professional contract and is one of the most famous teams in the Brazil League.

Professional Race

Ronaldinho has a senior debut for GRêMIO in the 1998 Copa Libertore tournament. Next year he was invited to join the National Team of Senior Brasil to compete with the Mexican union. Brazil was finished in the second place, and Ronaldinho won the Golden Ball Award as the best players of the tournament and won the Golden Boots Award as a top scorer.

In 2001, Lonajinho, in 2001, has left European Brazil, and entered into a contract to play for French Parisango. A year later, he participated in his first World Cup with a team of Brazil Lonald and Linityard. Ronaldinho won two goals in five games, including the Gawina game, which has the victory of the Fourth of Victory that the United Kingdom, and Brazil charged the title of its fifth World Cup to defeat Germany in the final.

In 2003, Ronaldinho joined the FC Barcelona League of the Spanish League, one of the most clubs in the world, and generally won the legendary No. 10 Jersey used by Squad Greatest Creative Player. In 2004 and 2005, Ronaldinho won the FIFA World Player Backtoback of the best individual Sports Honor. He also directed his teammate to the club’s success in 2006 in 2006. We won through the Arrangement Champions League Tournament. The following month, Ronaldinho has appeared a very talented team of Brazil with Skyhigh Expectations and World Cup. However, since France eliminated Brazil with the wonderful quarterfine balance, the tournament was disappointed by the defense champion.

In 2008, Ronaldinho left Barcelona, but participated in the most famous club in the world, A. C. Milan, but the performance of the Italian series was mainly not Bible. When he emphasized his fading position, the former athlete in the world has competed with the Brazilian team of 2010 at the South African World Cup.

In 2011, Ronaldinho returned to Brazil to run on the Rio de Janeiro flamengo team. When Flamengo won the Carioca League in 2011, the relationship between the club and its most prominent players got off to a good start, but things took a turn for the worse the following season. Ronaldinho was absent from training many times, and his performance was indifferent, and his contract was terminated for non-payment of wages. Ronaldinho signed with Atlético Mineiro in June 2012, a move that rekindled his vigorous organizational skills, and once again won the national team’s chance to be selected for the 2014 World Cup squad.

Personal Life And Heritage

In 2005, Ronaldinho and Brazilian dancer Janaína Mendes gave birth to a son named João, named after Ronaldinho’s late father. The Brazilian superstar still maintains close contact with his family. His brother Roberto is his agent and his sister Daisy is the news coordinator.

As an absolute magician with football, Ronaldinho is considered by many to be the best player of his generation and one of the best players in history. He said that his football career is like an emotional roller coaster, full of ups and downs and moments of a lifetime. “For me, football brings so many emotions that every day makes me feel different” Ronaldinho said. “I’ve been lucky enough to take part in a great tournament like the Olympics, and winning the World Cup is also unforgettable. We lost at the Olympics and we won the World Cup. I will never forget any feelings. ”


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