Who is Sergio Ramos? Wiki, Biography, Brief Details

Sergio Ramos García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Spain national team. He most notably played as a centre-back for Real Madrid for 16 seasons, whom he captained for six seasons. He has previously played as a right-back, earlier in his career.

Who is Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos is the ace of Spanish soccer and also the captain of Spanish soccer team and the Spanish club “Real Madrid”. He is one of the most powerful defenders in football today, even though he also serves as a right back. Time. Sergio was born and raised in Andalusia, Spain. At the age of 14, he started his career at the local club Sevilla Football Club as a defender. He proved his worth and was eventually promoted to the club’s top lineup. His outstanding performance allowed him to be acquired by Real Madrid in 2005. In the first few years after the transfer, he worked hard to impress people and his performance was mostly average. His performance has peaked since 2009. As a defender, the number of goals is not too high, but due to his defensive ability he became one of the four captains of “Real Madrid” in the 2009-2010 season. In July 2011, his contract was extended until 2017 and was further extended until 2020 in 2015.

Childhood And Early Childhood

Sergio Ramos was born on March 30, 1986 in Camas, Seville. His father was José María Ramos and Paki Ramos . Seville is famous for its bullfighting tradition. All the other children in the city dream of becoming a matador. Sergio is no exception. Although he likes to play football, he wants to be a matador.

He grew up with two siblings, a brother and a sister, and was soon discouraged by his parents from engaging in bullfighting because it was a dangerous sport. His brother René is also his current coach, who introduced Sergio to soccer, and Sergio quickly became addicted.

His parents were satisfied with Sergio’s choice and appointed a personal trainer to support him. As a child, Sergio joined a soccer club called “FC Camas”, which was a great learning experience for him. The club is where he shows his true talent. He has won many “Best Player” awards and has also garnered media attention.

At the age of 14, he was acquired by the local club “Sevilla Football Club”, which caters to talented young players. Sergio joined the club’s youth program. Finally, in 2004, he was inducted into the main lineup, a brilliant and successful career awaiting him.


In the 2004-2005 season, he played 41 games with his team “Sevilla Fútbol Club”, helping the team to sixth. This also means that he qualified for the “UEFA Cup” and scored his first goal in the match against “CD Nacional”. His performance earned him high praise and also allowed him to enter the big leagues.

In 2004, Sergio had a strong influence on the “U21” national team, where he participated in six international matches. In March 2005, he represented the top international team for the first time in a friendly match against China and led the team to victory. He also became the youngest Spanish national team player in 55 years.

There were three Spanish World Cups in 2006, 2010 and 2014, and three European Cups in 2008, 2012 and 2016. In 149 games played for Spain, Sergio scored 13 goals.

Soon, “Real Madrid” took a fancy to Sergio and bought him at a price of up to 27 million euros. The deal was finalized in March 2005. In December of that year, he scored his first goal in a UEFA Champions League group match. His team lost a goal, but his performance was praised.

His first four seasons at “Real Madrid” were not as good as he expected. He is mainly used as a defensive midfielder and central defender, the latter being his strong point. He was quickly promoted to the right back position, which increased his chances of scoring. Although most defenders find it difficult to score goals from their positions, Sergio does not have those problems. People are impressed. He scored 20 goals in his first four seasons.

However, his aggressiveness on the court has been a concern for the team’s management throughout the game. In the first season, he was shown four red cards, and in the next three seasons, he was shown another five red cards. In August 2008, “Real Madrid” suffered a long tragic period in which only 9 players were present.

Sergio also encountered difficulties at the start of the 2008-2009 season, but the team quickly regained momentum. In addition to being ranked 21st in the 2008 “European Player of the Year” nomination, he also has a place in the “UEFA Team of the Year” and “FIFA FIFPro World XI” teams.

“Real Madrid” encountered a small crisis in the 2009-2010 season, helping Sergio become one of the team’s four captains. This season, Sergio scored 4 goals in 33 games he played. In February 2010, this also marked the milestone of his 200th career game.

In November 2010, he was shown the most notorious red card. In the game against Barcelona, ​​he kicked Lionel Messi in the back and ended his career. His aggressiveness created a lot of problems for Real Madrid, but he also helped the team win the game against the strong team.

In 2011, his contract with “Real Madrid” was extended to 2017. He maintained his momentum in the next few years and played a vital role in the team’s many key victories. In the 2012-2013 season, he served consecutively as the team captain. His team beat “Barcelona” under his leadership.

In April 2014, Sergio scored two consecutive goals in the Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich. This also allowed his team to enter the Champions League final for the first time in 12 years.

In 2015, his contract with “Real Madrid” was extended for another five years. In December 2015, he led the team to a record victory in La Liga with a score of 10-2. “Real Madrid” has not won a “La Liga” game with such a big advantage in 55 years. The 2016-2017 season was the most successful season of his career, he scored 10 goals.

Personal Life

Sergio Ramos (Sergio Ramos) met the famous model, TV reporter and host Pilar Rubio (Pilar Rubio) in 2012. In September of the same year, the couple officially confirmed Romance. The same year, they got married. They have two children, Sergio and Marco.

Before his relationship with Pilar, it was known that Sergio had multiple relationships. Some of his ex-girlfriends are Elizabeth Reyes, Carolina Martinez, Amaya Salamanca and Lara Alvarez.

Sergio has maintained close contact with his family throughout his successful football career. Since Sergio started his career, his brother René has been serving as Sergio’s coach.

Sergio has been a loyal fan of bullfighting throughout his life. He has a long-term friendship with the bullfighter Alejandro Talavante.

In his spare time, Sergio likes to play the guitar. Sergio is a “romantic man” in his own words.

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